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Pro-Democracy Protesters on Tahrir Square should have FREE and FAIR Elections TODAY !

Pro-Democracy Protesters on Tahrir Square should have FREE and FAIR Elections TODAY !

There is a need to elect in fair and free elections to elect representatives which will be able to NEGOTIATE with official authorities in Egypt

Public Open Letter

To the Pro-Democracy Supporter on Tahrir Square and other places in Egypt !

Advise: Time to ELECT in free and fair elections your OWN representatives – PLEASE consider and check this information !

February 6, 2011

Dear Pro-Democracy Protesters on Tahrir Square and in Egypt !

PLEASE consider to have free and fair ELECTIONS today or as soon as possible ! All groups involved in the protests for social justice, human dignity and human rights should consider to elect in FREE and FAIR elections on Tahrir Square to elect 3 up to 4 spokeswomen or spokesmen / representatives which are willing to NEGOTIATE on behalf of each group with the authorities in office !

THEREFORE have TODAY or as quick as possible FREE and FAIR elections for you OWN representatives on Tahrir Square and other places in Egypt !

As you know it is not possible to send 1 million people to the Vice President. However it is possible to send a DELEGATION of the People´s Association for Social Justice and Human Dignity with about 70 up to 120 people to the official authorities. This should be possible.

Pray about this issue and if it will find your favor TAKE the next step and have self-organized FREE and FAIR elections on Tahrir Square for you own REPRESENTATIVES and spokeswomen and spokesmen.

May this advise will help many people of the nation and of the people in Egypt.

Thank you.

All the best and Peace, prosperity and safety be unto you, too !

Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, Tunesian-French-German journalist, broadcast journalist, author of 9 books,
founder and managing director of Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters,
Radio TV IBS Liberty
British Newsflash Magazine

Petition für Grundeinkommen in Deutschland

Petition für Grundeinkommen in Deutschland

1. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/petition-zur-einfhrung-des-grundeinkommens-in-deutschland
2. Informationen zum Grundeinkommen: www.grundeinkommen.de
3. Informationen zum Grundeinkommen: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedingungsloses_Grundeinkommen
4. Informationen zum internationalen Medien-Projekt für Menschenrechte und Menschen-Würde, www.libertyandpeacenow.org / www.humanrightsreporters.wordpress.com