3mnews.org, 3mnewswire.org and 3m News – Nachrichten has been founded in 1984 by the French-German journalist, broadcast journalist, publisher, author of 9 books, which have been published, news correspondent and writer Andreas Klamm Sabaot, which is known also as Andreas Klamm.

3mnews.org, 3mnewswire.org and 3m News – Nachrichten offers photographs, news, information, media, film, Television and Radio productions and media content in the English, German, French and  Spanish language. The content and services are offered on a commercial and even on partial as non commerical service for public, educational or non profitorganizations in different countries in the world.  For the purpose of international understanding 3mnews.org and 3mnewswire.org has joined an international media co-operation and network in association with IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty (since 1986), Radio IBS Liberty, IBS TV Liberty and MJB Education Media Network.